Case Studies: Go-to-Market Programs

CASE STUDY: Corporate and Product Launch


A telecom company though well known throughout the rest of the world, was completely unknown in North America. The challenge was to use a limited marketing budget efficiently to build a presence and reputation that would allow the company to compete against large entrenched vendors in the Americas market.


As a part-time Vice President, Volny Consulting planned and implemented a marketing campaign to establish the company as a contender in the market. To achieve the goal, we:


Over the course of the first year the company went from being a non-entity to being a vendor to consider in the market space. By the second year, the company had a very effective marketing engine in place, and its market presence and image continued to improve even faster.


On-Target Tradeshow Presence

Most of the company’s marketing dollars were spent on tradeshows yet these did not generate many leads. Volny Consulting determined that the booth design and messaging at the shows was outdated and did not position the company as a leader in its targeted space. We rebuilt the tradeshow program transforming the company presence at the events without increasing the budget. As a result, the company projected a successful and compelling image that resonated with target audiences, which increased attendance by key buyers.

Successful Customer Seminars and Webinars

After assessing sweet spot preferences and issues, we designed customer and prospect seminars and webinars that attracted target attendees. By working with industry partners and analysts, we ensured that the content was informative and that attendance exceeded expectations.

Ongoing Sales Training Program

After assessing internal needs, we designed a corporate-wide sales training program including technical training, product updates, company positioning, and competitive analysis.

First User Group Meeting

The time was right for the company to host its first user group meeting. Volny Consulting handled the entire event, from the planning, to the agenda, the promotion and the implementation.