Case Studies: Growth Strategies

CASE STUDY:  U.S. market opportunity assessment


A Madrid-based cellular antenna manufacturer wanted to expand into the U.S. But before investing in a new market, the company needed to understand a host of critical issues:


As an interim CMO, Volny Consulting went directly to buyers of cellular antennas in the major wireless companies to understand vendor selection processes, demand forecasts, and product requirements. We also thoroughly researched market trends and competitors. In the process we identified key contacts for our client – along with immediate business opportunities.


Our recommendations provided an “indispensable guide” (the client’s words) as they made their decision to enter the U.S. market. They were meeting with potential buyers even before U.S. operations were set up. The collaboration continued as we were engaged to help define marketing messages and develop marketing tools.


Partner Identification

A telecommunications equipment company in Europe asked us to identify the right partnership to enter the U.S. market. After an evaluation of the market environment, competitors and buyer purchasing characteristics, we determined the type of partner to work with. After meeting with several potential partners, we proceeded to set up a partnership. Volny Consulting was retained as an advisor and local resource as the partnership moved forward.

Acquisition Identification

A company heavily involved in the defense industry wanted to identify potential investment or acquisition targets that met the criteria established by the executive team. After identifying appropriate targets, Volny Consulting conducted preliminary due diligence and initiated conversations.

Market-Driven New Business

A technology training company wanted to understand the best way to enter the Pacific Rim market. First we researched the market trends and talked to potential customers and competitors. Then we prioritized the 11 potential countries based on trends, demand, and competitor activity to identify the points of entry with most likelihood of success.

New Business Opportunity Evaluation

Before launching a new professional services opportunity in the US and Europe, a technology company asked us to evaluate customer demand and requirements. The study became the guideline to develop the strategies for a successful business introduction.

Pricing and Packaging

Volny Consulting conducted extensive surveys of businesses and consumers to determine the most profitable telecom service bundling options, plus adoption rates at various price levels.

Market Segment Evaluation

In order to analyze demand for specific distance learning products, we identified, segmented, and prioritized opportunities. The evaluation resulted in a successful product offering and market program.

Competitive Analysis

After an in-depth analysis of the effect of competitive activity and technology evolution on revenues, we developed forecast models for different scenarios.